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  • Famous washing & Detergent Co., Ltd.

    Company profile

    Famous Household Products  Co., Ltd. Company is one of top leading private brands and OEM supplier in household cleaning products from China. At the same time, we have branch offices and companies America, Australia, Philippines, Thailand and Hongkong. As a group of specializing in Household cleaning products, Famous company is always being its best to be famous in the world.

    Famous company is now supplying over 80 countries in the world, and reach over 20,000 tons for both detergent powder, detergent liquid and all series of household cleaning products per year.Our China basis production capacity is around 400~500tons per day, this mass production ability is giving benefits to have detergent products in lowest cost with high purity raw material. Meanwhile, we use high tower spray technology to produce detergent powder and the tower is reaching 55 meters height. There are also over 40 semi-packing machines and 10 automatic packing machine to satisfy our production in multi specifications. For the liquid production system, we are having cold mixing and filling production line for 10 tons per hour, steam hot mixing and filling production lines for 6 tons per hour, also plastic mixing and filling lines for 2tons per hour for all special household cleaning products. With these whole production ability, famous company is being a wise production supplier for all related household cleaning products. By the same time, famous company owns re-packing detergent powder system in several countries, such as Togo, Cameroon and Sierra Leone.

  • At the same time, Famous Company has settled its 1st oversea whole production line in Cebu, Philippines, with the joint venture company name of Philippines Famous Household Products Inc., which it will producing detergent powder, liquid detergent, fabric softener and all kinds of household cleaning products for Philippines and South Asian customers. It is a great effects to reach the oversea production plant to serve the closer customers, and er are planing to have 2nd production line soon in Bankok, Thailand and 3rd production line in Eastern Euro.
    Famous China is being a warm team in China with kindly teamwork relationship, all members of famous company do enjoy his journey in famous company, sharing each other experiences, dreams and activities are the most interested things besides of hard working time.

    广州市菲玛司日用品有限公司,依托菲玛斯集团及其丰富的海外分公司渠道资源,于2014年6月在中国广州正式成立;公司专注于拓展进口快速消费品行业,致力于成为清洁用品国际化品牌运营专家;借助菲玛斯集团在美国,菲律宾,泰国以及中国香港等地的海外关联公司优质资源,菲玛司在成立后短短的两年时间内,成功开发并引进了近100个家居清洁类营销定制化进口产品,公司旗下拥有FAMOUS (菲玛斯),KLEEN.IT(柯林尼特)等诸多符合中国市场的国际化品牌;其中FAMOUS (菲玛斯)在全世界超过30多个国家热销,甚至风靡南美洲和东南亚国家;基于不断创新和定制化的品牌运作理念,FAMOUS品牌及其创新产品一如既往追求卓越。

  • 进入中国市场以来,广州市菲玛司日用品有限公司依托先进的的国际化家居清洁产品运营理念,专业的行业技术支撑及先进的视角,严谨的品牌质量监管体系以及激情澎湃的梦想销售团队,及时抓住机遇,积极开拓市场,各项业务均实现跨越式发展,品牌经销和合作伙伴遍布中华大地。

    为了进一步深化品牌拓展及性价比优势,公司于2016年8月与菲律宾DACAY GROUP达成战略合作协议,在菲律宾宿务市建立了超过5000平方米的生产基地,专业生产FAMOUS 等品牌系列家居清洁类产品以满足日益增长的中国市场需求。至此,广州市菲玛司日用品有限公司完成了由品牌商到渠道运营方,再到实业把控生产的整合运作供应链;这必将为公司的未来的发展缔造无限的想象空间,也势必将品牌延伸和单品爆款的定制化国际营销理念发挥至极;为广大的经销商,分销商和消费者创造互利共赢的美好局面。