From our origins to the present day, an authentic brand story stands the test of time.


Love & Laundry, By Generations

Our story begins with Richard Famous, who served as a housekeeper in old England manor, and whose life was a dutiful example of family care and service. After gaining experience by serving family through years, Richard Famous shared his laundry & housekeeping experience by FAMOUS, an original British laundry brand. And by generations, today, we’re on a mission to remain the best family household products.

The Journey from “Old British”

Household laundry and cleaning is a hard yet warm moment to many people’s lives. We not only bring the most experienced laundry products, but through the immersion of a housekeeper’s speciality, we empower FAMOUS with a strong culture value.

Into A Value-Driven “Housekeeper”

Bring it home, everything we value from the very old culture. Today we at FAMOUS bring a hybrid manufacturing and marketing on household products. With our value in mind, we’re proud of being your “housekeeper”, in laundry, home cleaning, personal care…

A Compay of Safety and Loyalty


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