Effective against virus & germs to provide you an enjoyable bathroom.

Famous® Hand Soap 221ml

Famous® Hand Soap Anti-Bacterial Spring Scent 7.5 Ounce (221ml)

Famous® Hand Soap 250ml

Famous® Luxury Hand Wash Moisturing Liquid Hand Soap 250ml

Famous® Hand Soap 300ml

Famous® Natural hand wash liquid hand soap 300ml

Famous® Antibacterial Hand Wash 300ml

Famous® OEM whitening hotel natural organic liquid hand soap 300ml

Famous® Hand Soap 500ml

Famous® Gentle Natural Moisturizing Germ-fighting Clean Flower Hand Soap 500ml

Famous® Hand Soap 225ml Made in Thailand

Made in Thailand factory direct suplply custom logo anti-bacterial children hand soap

Famous® Foaming Kids Hand Soap 350ml

Fmous® Foaming Pump Alcohol Free Unscented Kills 99.9% of Germs Kids Hand Soap 350ml

Famous® Foaming Hand Soap 250ml

Famous® Rich Foaming Antibacterial
Hand Soap 250ml

Famous®Air Freshener Crystal Beads 10oz

Gel Bead Air Freshener, Odor Eliminators,10oz

Famous®Air Freshener Gel Beads 6oz

Odor Eliminating Fragrance Beads,Air Freshener,6oz


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    My dogs have a gift for finding smelly things to roll in. I do my best to bathe them frequently, but once in a while, their stink can’t wait for the bath. So I sprayed them with this and no more stink dog! It leaves a wonderfully fresh and clean scent and I’m really satisfied. #FamousFamily — Emilia P. United States.

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    “My pup is the cutest. Yet he likes to find the smelliest things to roll in on the daily, its not nice but we refer to him has “butt bomb” when hes not around. In the 2 months ive rescued him. Weve taken 13 baths. This stuff is greatness. It doesnt irritate his severly allergenic skin, it removes whatever yuck hes rolled in, it doesnt mess with eyes when i get a little crazy with the soap and his fur always looks radiant. Top notch.” !#FamousFamily — Tania T. Australia

  • 8f96b1933a8627d2205e734570341bd

    This WAS the best dog shampoo I have EVER bought.  My dog who normally dreads bath time relaxed while massaging this into her fur. She had a problem with her ears and this surface-free shampoo cleaned it up instantly. She is an indoor-outdoor hound with one of the WORST cases of dog smell 🙂 This shampoo kept her fur soft, not overly scented but clean, and she hasn’t itched or tossed her ears in over a week!#FamousFamily — Joshua A. Canada.


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