From red wine to baby food, take our Stain Pros’ tips below to keep your cleanness.

Tips from FAMOUS Housekeeper before laundry:

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 At first signs of a grease spill, apply FAMOUS liquid detergent to stain and rub in. Let sit for five minutes. Wash with detergent in the warmest water recommended on the garment label.

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Flush stain as soon as possible with cool water. Pretreat by pouring a little bit of FAMOUS liquid detergent on the stain. Rub in and let sit for 5 minutes. Then wash with FAMOUS detergent.

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For mud and dust, rinse the stain in cool water as soon as possible. Pretreat stains directly and rub. Let sit for 5 minutes and then launder in the warmest water recommended by the garment.

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Remove non-oily make up stains, like eye shadow and blush, by lightly brushing the powder off of the clothing. Next blot the spot with a damp cloth or a baby wipe. Rinse in cool water and pretreat (if needed) and wash with FAMOUS detergent.

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Pet Stains

Rinse with cold water. Pretreat with a detergent that contains enzymes, then soak in cold water and FAMOUS detergent for 30 minutes. Launder FAMOUS detergent in the hottest water recommended by the garment.

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Place stain face down on white paper towels. Sponge with rubbing or denatured alcohol. Then rinse and launder with FAMOUS detergent.


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